We have nine major named pools several of which can only be described as a fly-fishers dream. Within most of these major pools there are distinctly different and separate ‘bits’ resulting in a pool count closer to fifteen. The beat can fish well in all heights of water and, dependant on the time of year, water height and temperature, The Ghillie will advise on the most likely pools, ‘taking places’ and tactics. Please note that the services of the Ghillie are to be shared amongst the party but if a guest requires the services of an additional Ghillie,  this can be arranged at a reasonable daily rate.



The pool fishes well in all heights of water from both left & right bank. Fishing starts at the mouth of the Kincraigie Burn on the right bank, fishing down towards the “big croy”. At the right height this pool is a delightful wade, particularly in low water. Fish can often be seen running hard up the left bank in the deeper water, but tend to drift toward the shallower bank in high water conditions. The pool starts off slow but quickly picks up pace, making it an ideal fly pool at all heights.


The Croy Stream fishes best in low water conditions. This is an excellent spot for summer grilse and sea trout, with fast flowing well oxygenated water and several great lies. If you do hook a big fish in the Croy stream, the back eddy from the big croy is a great aid in playing and landing.


“The Boils” fish best in medium to high water, again the big stones out there are excellent lies and provide a great spot to intercept spring fish as they take respite from the current. Similar to the Croy Stream, this is a great spot at the backend for fishing in higher flows, with the “big croy” providing a bit a shelter from the main flow.


A great spot for summer sea trout fishing, best fished at night in low water, it’s a tough wade but it is possible. The shelter from the trees of the left bank creates a perfect habitat for sea-trout.


An excellent high water pool, shallowed by gravel in the past but now coming back into its own following a thorough scouring out by winter floods. Right at the start of the treeline are some well placed rocks creating perfect lies.


This spot is a classic squeeze. Fish moving through from Bridge Pool are often seen ‘porpoising’ as they leave its depths, making it a great spot for catching spring fish. Fishing best in medium to high water, the Casting Platform is built into soft sand, and so provides a unique opportunity to cover water that would otherwise be unfishable from the bank.


A definite Dalguise favourite, the Bridge pool has everything. Depth, shelter and attractive for all methods, Bridge Pool is consistently productive in all water heights. Just below the bridge is the deepest part of the beat, at least 30ft in depth. The Tail of Bridge pool below the railway bridge is a classic rest-stop for large fish coming over the croys, mirrored on both banks. Fishable at all heights, this pool exceeds in variable water levels and is fishable in all conditions – virtually droughtproof. From the left bank, wading in front of the croy in low water can be exceptional for the more adventurous fisher, however access from below the bridge is easy due to the reinforced banks. The pool is perfect for harling when conditions allow.


A shallow streamy run, which fishes best in low to medium water. It fishes well from both banks and although fast at the top it levels out into wonderful fly water – every fly fishers dream. You feel every cast deserves a pull. This then leads onto Calum’s Corner, a low water pool best fished from the Island side.


A classic fly fishing pool, great wading and a perfect pool to intercept those running fish. Fishes best in low to medium flows, a pool favoured by most Dalguise regulars and fly fishing aficionados.


A classic big Tay pool, fishes at all heights, and a favoured spot when conditions are right for harling from the boat. At low water the full length of the pool can be waded and fished with the fly. It’s an exceptional spring pool, with many a fish hooked at the Rowan Tree at the “Lee of the Island”, and in high water well worth covering thoroughly towards its tail. Historically previous riparian owner Mike Smith landed a 46lber during Wimbledon week in this pool.


The Pot Lid is right at the bottom end of the beat, only recently opened up (it’s been the ghillie’s secret for many a year) and is a great spot for summer grilse on the fly. A very quick piece of water, so it only really fishes at low flows.

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