Flying C’s and flying starts

The origins of the Swashbuckler Trophy initiated by Dalguise regulars the Briggs party are probably best veiled in mystery, much like the rules for the winning of it. The almost casual lifting of this 9lb salmon by Gus Briggs from the slow chilly depths of the prime holding pool at Bridge must have him in the running, we reckon!

FishPal Sea Trout Festival 2018

Golden hour has passed, and we’re moving towards optimum conditions for sea trout. All the best to all participating in the FishPal Sea Trout Festival tonight – we have a few first-timers at Dalguise tonight and I can’t wait to see if they catch the bug.  I cut my teeth on sea trout fishing at the Fortesk beat on the South Esk, and my long apprenticeship yielded a lifetime obsession for night fishing – a truly unique perspective on our sport. Pitting your wits against the wily sea trout in the dark is the Marmite of fishing – you will either love it or hate it and I’m looking forward to the chance to pass on a glimpse of what sea trout fishing has to offer to our guests this evening.

Tight lines folks – this is the best kind of insomnia!   Moray

No flies on them!

Massive hatches of March Brown flies have been luring in the gulls and keeping them busy at the river. It’s a great sign that the river’s eco-system is healthy and robust. With a few fish starting to hold up in Bridge pool and the ladder count at Pitlochry rocketing from 551 fish on the last day of May to 1139 yesterday, hopes are high we will have as much sport as the gulls this week!

Donald, whaur’s your two-ser?

Donald Cameron, Dalguise regular repeated his previous successes with an 11lb beauty out of Bridge Pool today. It’s been quite a day for Donald so far and it’s not even lunchtime – earlier in the morning he had on a fighter for around ten minutes before it chose the early release option. Well done Donald – you have a whole afternoon left – no pressure!

Twenty’s plenty

This season has been extremely rewarding and exciting so far at Dalguise, with 5 catches so far of 20lb plus MSW springers. This 22lber on Thursday was the most recent, and what a joy to see such powerful determined fish making their way up the system to breed.

Weed ’em and reap

Although a little later this year than usual, we’ve come upon the brief but essentially springtime reign of wild garlic here at the beat.

Whether you’re a budding chef or a keen fishermen weaving your way along the riverbank, the crunch underfoot followed by the subtle aroma of crushed wild garlic is a delight for the senses, as well as a potential free lunch.

As with any foraging expedition, do a little research so as to be certain of what you’re collecting, but the scent really is quite a helpful indicator!  Like fresh spinach, be ready to watch a square foot of the leaves wilt down to an unimaginably tiny portion –  we’re popping some in our mushroom soup today with a spot of nutmeg, but it makes a lovely pesto or salad ingredient as well.  

Ask us when you’re here fishing over the next couple of weeks and we will happily point you in the right direction – downwind…..

That’ll do!

Taken from Guay pool as opposed to the stalwart Bridge pool which has been productive of late, this 16lb beauty, covered in sealice from cheek to tail fell to a harled Calvin punk for Iain Ingledew – after a bit of a drought he’s cracked it!


Quick off the Mark!

It’s always a delight to welcome back our old friend Mark Williams, and he’s only gone and gotten his name in the book before the halfway point of his week with us.  A beautiful 13lb salmon was the prize before lunchtime today, caught from, and safely returned to, the tail of Bridge Pool, lured by a Calvin Punk vision 110.  We’re thrilled to bits for you Mark, and in view of the number of fish sighted on the beat today, we’re hopeful this catch is just the first!

No more the bridesmaid!

So chuffed for Dalguise resident Michael Carr – his dedication to learning the pools of the beat every week this season has been rewarded with a 19lb springer out of Bridge Pool!  Well done Michael, we’re thrilled for you, let’s hope this is the first of many!

This cracker is his personal best and another M.S.W. out of the ever productive Bridge pool. Despite the visible bleed it was only lightly hooked and returned safely after a five minute recovery.

Monkeying around on the river bank

One of the great things about Dalguise beat is that people come for the fishing, then realise there’s so much more to investigate.  It’s why we are ideally set up for family groups, corporate bookings, and the entertainment of bored small people with short attention spans.

Most commented on in the stationary wildlife category is our Monkey Puzzle Tree.   Native to the Andes, and so long-lived it’s referred to as a living fossil, it received its name in the 1850’s when a rare specimen of the age provoked the comment “It would puzzle a monkey to climb that!”.

We’re not sure about testing that hypothesis, but we’re grateful for the interesting-looking shade in the summer!

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