More million dollar March magic


The fish keep on coming!  Caught 100 yards below the Bridge on a Skullhead Cascade, this 22lb  springer was not about to give up quietly!  Taking hard up against the rocky bank, this fish twice managed to strip shooting head, running line, and 90% of the backing, running in heavy, deep water and using the current to its advantage.  Side strain, adrenaline and a dogged attitude helped Moray MacFarlane hold the fish long enough to prevent it breaking over the croy into the high speed current beyond, and after a 25 minute fight, thankfully the fish tired first!  Another one for the book – and that’s three over 20lbs for the beat this month.  If you’d like to join the growing list of happy Dalguise anglers, contact us now to book for April and beyond on 07801 226 497 or

Torpedoes away, and full speed ahead!


Many congratulations to our syndicate member Ian King!  Ian, a long term hard-fishing Dalguise angler, landed this absolute beauty on Friday afternoon in Island stream, by Dowally Burn.  Fresh out of the mould, this perfect sea-liced silver torpedo is the first fish actually landed on the fly this season, after many false starts and close misses.  Caught on a fly of his own creation no less, a number of runs made for good sport and a memorable tale to bring back to the lodge.

Back at the lodge of course, the ribbing intensifies, leaving Bob no choice but to raise a dram, mutter ‘Damn’, and start all over again next week….!  Well done, Ian, we’re delighted for you.

Low temperatures but high hopes…

The water temperature may have been 6 degrees, but with 21lb sea-liced springer in the ledger Nathan Shephard wasn’t at all worried yesterday! Blustery and sleeting and downright wintery at moments, the conditions on the boat proved worth enduring when this belter of a fish was caught on a harled 110 by Otterstone. There are signs of big fishing coming through, and we’re pretty happy we’re getting our fair share of them! Tight lines as ever, and contact us soon to book your spot!

Catch me while you can….

March has been a non-stop exhilarating month, and pictured below is just the latest of the catches, a fin perfect sea-liced 15lb springer caught by our dedicated syndicate member Bob Fraser.  

Harry McCombie’s lucky hat (and Harry) accompanied us upstream through the now reliably productive Guay pool and the blessed bunnet along with Bob’s sure hand ensured within ten minutes we were into a safely landed fish.

Availability for weekend rods is understandably on the wane as the season progresses, but if you’d like to think like a salmon and spend some time at Dalguise beat, contact us at or on 07801 226 497 or follow us on on Facebook for news and updates.

Well, we’re on a roll this week – if you’re ever going to try your hand for a springer early in the season, Dalguise is the place to be this month!  Happy man Ross Haynes shows off his 17lb beauty from Guay pool, now well on its way upstream – but what a fish!

Spring has sprung…

Spring is well and truly here in all its silver glory on the beat this week.  Another day, another absolutely pristine bar of silver landed in Guay pool bright and early this morning.  A 15lb fish gave as good as it got before being released by our own Moray MacFarlane (with ghillie’s assistant Haggis on board and keeping an interested eye on proceedings).  Caught on a Vision 110, again shortly after an earlier loss of a fish on the fly also in Guay pool, it’s a real thrill to see that the fish are here, and they’re up for a fight!

Otterstone – take two!

Saturday afternoon saw us with a busy beat, and water conditions nearly perfect. After Fridays success, of course Jim Crawford and I took a turn through Otterstone. Enjoyable as the afternoon sun was, more enjoyable was a savage take on a skullhead cascade tube half an hour in.

Hopes were quickly dashed when despite the strength of the pull the fish didn’t remain hooked. The eternal optimism of the salmon fisherman kicked in and we continued in Otterstone – and half an hour later patience was rewarded by a take on a Vision 110 western clown. A short contest this time, as Jim landed a cracking 13lber, quickly returned in fine fettle to carry on it’s way, and Jim has some bragging rights with such an early springer!

We’re raring to go for the week to come – if you’d like to join us there are rods available, just email or call on 07801 226497.

How to cap off a week in style!








A mammoth battle today for Harry McCombie, long time friend of the beat and syndicate member. Harry decreed before stepping on the boat that being in possession of both his lucky bunnet and a shiny new Skagit line, it was going to be a good day.

A pleasant morning spent roping down Island pool didn’t knock his confidence. With half an hour till lunch, a quick harl below Otterstone seemed in order …… then all plans for lunch were abandoned with the onset of an epic face-off against an extremely feisty springer!

15lb of pure muscle, disinclined to give up gracefully, cunningly using the fast flowing areas of the river to its full advantage, was finally landed long enough for a photo-opportunity before firing back off into the current with a single kick of the tail – and we’ve no doubt Harry’ll be in that hat next week….

S’no that bad for February…

Wintery scenes and cold conditions on the beat last week, but our guests and syndicate rods took them in their stride.  It was great to welcome back familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while, as well as some passing visitors to the beat just popping in for a cup of coffee and a quick tour.  If you’d like to reacquaint yourself with Dalguise call us on 07801 226 497 or email and we’ll get the kettle on….

First flush

So there’s been a fair bit of rain, and it made Saturday’s fishing trickier than usual.  One kelt added to the list, however we still await the real deal!  The rising water should bring in some fresh springers, so prospects for this week are improving.  There are plenty of mid-week spaces particularly available at this time of the season, so if you want to take advantage of the quiet but improving conditions to work on your cast, call or email to book your space.

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