Shivery start – warm welcome

Brrr… the mercury on the lodge balcony is struggling to get past 10 this morning, and we’re feeling a bit sorry for the new lambs next door.  The upside for the angler is that the water temperature matches, making conditions ideal for a salmon to take.  We’re delighted to welcome back the Simmons party for their annual endeavour, and hope they warm those numb fingers round a mug of soup at lunchtime over tales of this morning’s catches….!

Kåre Håkonsen braved the rigours of a bitter day of heavy snow at the beat yesterday, and reaped rewards of the freshly minted spring silver variety.  A Cascade fished on floating line through Otterstone Pool proved just the ticket to tempt this lovely 10 pounder.

Bordering on bad behaviour

As far as our canine assistant ghillie Haggis is concerned, every guest is a potential seat cushion. 

Mike Carr, infinitely patient Dalguise resident rod and recipient of Border Terrier sass, recently brought partner Amy along to share in his Saturday on the beat.  It was a day of fishing, rather than catching (we blame the dog, of course), but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless and memorable for all concerned, fishing or not.  If you are joining us at the beat please feel free to contact us if you would like to bring along someone to spectate – but do warn them about the free-range Haggis!

I’m not ready for my close-up, Mr McKellar.

After 13 kelts and two springers that took the early release option, we’ve had our share of adrenaline at the beat so far this season, but nothing for the book until Friday when Jock McKellar brought in the first fish of the season on a zebra Toby out of Bridge pool.

The gloriously silver 16 pounder gave a spirited 20 minute fight and we wish we could share a picture with you.  However, with Jock understandably focussed on the safe return of a beautiful fish and our resident photographer just out of reach on the boat we missed the chance for a photo-op by moments – but even camera shy salmon are welcome!

Multiples for Malcolm

It’s been great to have Dr Malcolm Freeland back for his annual duel with the mighty Tay salmon, and this year has been a productive visit with three fish to his name and a day of fishing left.  He’s pictured here with his second fish, a 7lber out of Otterstone captured on a harled kynoch – and with a full day left and catches high across the Tay system we’ll see what today brings!

Awesome August

August is playing out beautifully with this 10lb fish from Bridge Pool on Monday – with some good runs of fish starting to show their autumn colours, we are still nonethless sighting silver fish fresh into the beat, like the very large bar of pure sparkle that had the audacity to surface in front of a Dalguise regular this week – right at his feet!!


Reservoir jogs!

Jonathan shows off his cracking 12lb fish caught a week ago on a flying C from Bridge Pool – the high energy sprint towards the lodge that was required to land it was totally worth it!

And so it begins…

For the past few weeks at Dalguise, apart from a few grilse hooked and lost, the many fish sighted in the pools (particularly Bridge) have been highly unwilling to be tempted by any fly or lure.

With water temperatures as high as 19ºC this was hardly a surprise but with some rain in the hills reducing the ambient temperature to a more bearable 15ºC we finally managed to land this lovely 11lb fish directly in front of the lodge today from the depths of Bridge Pool.

A Black and Orange custom Robert Wilson salmo lure invoked an aggressive response from a prime specimen who was safely returned to fight another day, and with rain both falling and forecast we’re in great spirits to greet our new and regular guests next week!

Uniquely good times had with Uniquely Scotland


Archie Stirling-Aird of Uniquely Scotland, a bespoke tour operator specialising in tailor-made holiday packages for small groups throughout Scotland, brought along Ryan Feller and family along to Dalguise this week, truly living up to their company motto “explore, embrace, learn, live”.  It was a memorable day for sure, as they explored the beat, embraced the delights of good local Scottish produce (apparently our local double cream is the bees knees!), learned to spey-cast with each member of the party receiving a period of one-to-one tuition from Moray, and lived with the ultimate in adrenaline as a fine grilse made an all too brief appearance on the end of a line before shaking free and continuing on.

A great day and an opportunity for us to do what we do best here at Dalguise, providing a hospitable environment for a relaxing introduction to a uniquely Scottish experience.

Contact us for more information on groups, tours or corporate days.


Ariel Photo With Pools

On this day, the Battle of Britain began in 1940, while in 1985 Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior was blown up in Auckland harbour. 

Four years ago on 8th July 2014, it was another World Cup (Brazil lost 1-7 to Germany), the pound was worth $1.71, Duncan Bannantyne quit Dragon’s Den ….. meanwhile,back at Dalguise, the first fish of the month finally arrived in the shape of a 3lb hen grilse hooked, landed and safely returned by John Christison on a Cascade double out of the tail of Island.

What were you doing this time four years ago?  Fishing, we hope!


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