13th March 2016

WIlliam Green 13.04.16

Our guest William Green caught his first spring salmon a 7lb fish out of Otterstone pool.

24th March 2016

Graham McIntyre caught a lovely 6lb salmon on a Toby lure yesterday out of Bridge pool despite the bright afternoon.



17th March 2016

Despite bright sunshine, the magic hour around four pm saw another catch at Dalguise – a nice 9lber caught on a Cascade variant at Bridge Pool.

Sorry for the poor photography but was in a hurry to get fish back into water!

9lb 170316

March 2016

March 2016

The new improved fishing lodge is nearing completion and should be finished for beginning of April. We can’t wait to get it comfortably set up so we can help our guests toast a satisfying day on the balcony looking upstream at one of the best views on the Tay even better with a dram in hand.

The lodge will be complete with kitchen and toilet facilities so our guests can enjoy a leisurely lunch with panoramic views from the balcony. The ghillie’s wife Samantha can do a very nice lunch in the lodge or alternatively guests can bring their own and make use of the kitchen facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests.


Dalguise Lodge


16th March 2016

Another catch this morning from Guay pool – a thirteen pounder today, on a blue and silver Skull fly.

Dalguise 16.03.16 1 Dalguise 16.03.16 2

14th March 2016

First springer of the season for Dalguise today, a solid 19lb fish caught in Guay pool on a 1 1/2″ Skull Cascade fly.  More fish sighted at Bridge and from the casting platform – all in all, an exciting start to the spring run.Dalguise 14.03.16 1Dalguise 14.03.16 2

23rd July 2015

The last few weeks on Dalguise have been an exhilarating mixture of fishing and discovery.  We’ve had guests from the USA, France, Africa, Russia …. and Glasgow!  All have appreciated the beauty of the beat and frustratingly there have been many fish hooked, but not landed.  Sharpen your hooks, people, the fish are out there!  We have taken advantage of quiet days to make some improvements to the beat.  It was great to have a visit from Mike Smith, whose long association with Dalguise means his insights are particularly valuable.  A tour of the beat left us with a startlingly long to-do list, but also an insight into how previously untouched areas of the water could be opened up to our guests.  As a result, we’re opening up the Otterstone bank and the second boat will be installed shortly giving us ideal coverage in periods of low water (ironic in view of last weeks rain!).  We’ve begun this work with the invaluable assistance of Derek Strachan, the most instinctive fisherman of my acquaintance, who generously gave his time (and chainsaw) to open up new areas of the beat that we can’t wait to investigate.  With July almost behind us, we are looking forward to the finest part of the season on Dalguise, and we hope to see you soon.

Tight lines,


5th August 2013

A fantastic start to the week, this time it’s Stephen Betts from Kirkintilloch who catches his first ever Salmon. A fine 13lb hen fish from the Bridge Pool on a copper and silver Salmon fished upstream.

Stephen was so pleased with being taught to fish that he returned the favour ……. And gave me a haircut in the Hut! Another Dalguise first 😉

John Geddes decides to fish on a bit last night and what a call, his 30g copper and silver Salmon is nailed in the Bridge Pool by a 24lb’r!
Tight Lines Stan

4th June 2013

Another good day for Finland, with yet another two salmon coming to the net. So, the score at the end of day 2 is Finland 4 – 0 Scotland, with Matias Juranto (15 years old, another Dalguise First ever Salmon) landing a Hen fish of 11lb, she was caught right in front of the Hut in the Bridge Pool on a Norwegian Lure called a “Bach Spesial” and expertly landed by the Party Leader Toni Kakkuri (www.kakkuri.fi). The second of the day fell to Jari Woulle, Jari landed a cracking 14lb Cock fish in the Bridge Pool as well, this time caught on a Copper & Red 20g Toby.

Tight lines Stan

4th June 2013 - Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 – Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 - Matias Juuranto

4th June 2013 – Matias Juuranto

Bach Spesial - Norwegian Lure

Bach Spesial – Norwegian Lure

4th June 2013 - Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 – Jari Woulle

3rd June 2013

A great start to the week for our Finnish Party and a great start to June for Dalguise Fishing, with Risto Närvänen (from Helsinki – visiting Scotland for the first time) landing his first ever Salmon from the Bridge Pool right in front of the Hut, quickly followed by his second!  Both fish where caught on a Red Floating Devon

3rd June 2013 - Risto Narvanen

3rd June 2013 – Risto Narvanen

(as recommend by “The Ghillie”) this morning within 30 minutes of each other!  The first being a 9lb Hen and the second an 11lb Cock, both were cracking fresh fish. Pictures to follow Tight Lines Stan

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